TOMTOM Repairs


Once you have discovered the fantastic, time saving benefits of a Satellite Navigation system there is no going back! These small portable devises have become an integral part of travel on today’s busy, congested roads. However due to the fact that these days we rely so heavily on Satellite Navigation systems to get us from A to B, there can be nothing worse than relying heavily on your satellite navigation system to find your destination in a new, busy city when it stops working, leaving you high and dry! So when your Satellite Navigation system ceases to work unexpectedly, come straight to us to repair any hardware or software problems you have so that you don’t have to try to navigate your way around an old fashioned atlas let alone the busy roads! For TomTom repairs in London and many other cities come to us at the Mobile Repair Centre!


TomTom leads the way for high technological navigation systems with its portable, automotive devices and exceptional wireless software packages. So with such a heavy reliance on this valuable creation to get from A to B it is devastating and time consuming if they break or don’t function just how they should.

That’s why our technicians at the Mobile Repair Centre are on hand to help to complete TomTom repairs simply, quickly and affordably.


Our specialists have the expertise to tackle any problems you may be experiencing and to them, a complex job is a challenge and they thrive on challenges! They understand how urgent it is to get your TomTom back in working order, especially if you use it daily for work purposes, so they can guarantee to provide you with a lightning fast service. With all the best, up to date equipment at hand, our engineers can carry out cost effective, quality repairs. What’s more, we offer a free inspection, diagnosis and quote with a TomTom repair! So what have you got to lose!


So if you are having trouble charging your TomTom device and need a simple battery replacement, or you can’t turn your system on or off and therefore need a On/ Off button repair, contacts us! We can help with both internal and external TomTom screen repairs and if your touch screen is cracked, don’t worry; we also carry out TomTom touch screen repairs quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, if your online upgrade has failed, your device is freezing on start up, has no GPS signal or the software is damaged or erased we can perform TomTom software repairs also. If you’re experiencing loss of sound, power or a red cross visible on the screen this could indicate an installation problem with the TomTom software. So if you need help with these or any other problem not mentioned above, then please complete the form below and our expert team of highly qualified, reliable and honest technicians will get back to you as soon as possible. We are waiting to hear from you!

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